Ancient Wisdom for Modern Sales Professionals

Twenty-five hundred years ago a general named Sun Tzu became legendary in China’s warring kingdoms for a treatise titled The Art of War.

Now, for the first time, leading sales performance consultant Edward Craft provides an interpretation of this ancient classic for salespeople who wage battle in complex business-to-business sales campaigns.

Applying his vast experience helping salespeople compete and prevail in challenging business environments, Craft provides the first direct link from the world of Sun Tzu to the world of business.

Corporate executives who want to get the most out of their sales organizations will want to study this book.

Sales managers who are willing to lead from the front and infuse their teams with a powerful fighting spirit will find valuable guidance in these pages.

Salespeople who are willing to take personal responsibility for gaining competitive advantage will want to always have this amazing book close at hand.

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The Art of War for Salespeople